In the echoes of a Patiala household on March 1, 1916, baby Man Kaur's arrival stirred both celebration and sorrow. Losing her mother just a month later, she was nurtured by her grandmother. Despite the early adversities, her spirit remained unbroken. Married at a tender age, she eventually took on the responsibility of caring for the Queen at the Patiala Royal House, turning her challenging beginnings into a narrative of resilience and determination.

Kaur's life fell into a monotonous rhythm until 1960 when she moved to Chandigarh with her husband. Little did she know that a remarkable chapter awaited her. For the most part, her years passed uneventfully until, in her 93rd year, her son Gurdev insisted she embark on a career in athletics. It was then that the dormant spark within her ignited, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As Gurdev prepared for the World Masters Athletic Championship, he observed women from diverse backgrounds passionately participating. Witnessing their determination, he became convinced that his mother could join their ranks.

At the age of 93, Man Kaur, without any medical ailments, readily agreed when Gurdev suggested she embark on an athletics journey. With determination, she embraced a new chapter, running towards a life now widely recognized and celebrated—an inspirational journey that has touched the lives of many women.

At the age of 93, when many believe life is reaching its conclusion, Kaur saw it as a new beginning. Regular visits to the Punjab University Ground revealed her natural talent for running, marking a profound shift from being a queen's caretaker to the title of Miracle Mom.

Gurdev, recognizing her potential, dedicated himself to daily training sessions with Kaur. There was hardly a day when she didn't train, and on some occasions, she hit the tracks even before Gurdev arrived.

In 2007, Man Kaur clinched her first medal at the Chandigarh Masters Athletics meet, foreshadowing a series of remarkable achievements. She then won the gold in 100 m as well 200 m race in the National Masters Athletics meet in 2011. It was one feather after the other in her cap after that. In the same year, she became the 100 m and 200 m champion in the World Masters Athletics Championships in the USA and was also deemed the best athlete.

However, it was only after championing in the 100 m in the 100+ category in the World Masters Athletics Championships in Auckland in 2017 that she got the limelight that she deserved. She became the oldest winner in the competition’s history and also won gold medals in the 200 m, shotput, javelin throw, and discus throw events at Auckland. The same week, Man Kaur also became the oldest person to skywalk at Auckland’s sky tower.

Her remarkable streak continued as she secured the title in the 200 m race and shot put event in the 100-104 year category in World Masters Championship in Spain before she won the four gold medals in the 60m, shot put, javelin throw and 200m race event in the next edition of the games in Poland in 2019.

Kaur’s other laurels include her nomination along with five other international athletes for the Laureus best Sporting Moment of Year 2018 competition. Furthermore, she was also graced with the Nari Shakti Puraskar by President Ram Nath Kovind on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020.

After participating in the Asian Masters Championships in 2019, Kaur took a pause from competing at international events. However, she remained dedicated to her training, harboring hopes of making a triumphant return at the 2020 World Masters Championship in Canada. Unfortunately, the global pandemic disrupted her plans as the event was canceled.

During the lockdown, Kaur spent a lot of time reciting Sukhmani Sahib Path and meditate listening to religious scriptures which kept her going because not being able to inspire young children and athletes, and missing her events had started taking a toll on her, making her feel like a fatigued person.

After being on her toes for 105 years of her very full life, Man Kaur took her final breath on 31 July 2021.

If you’re not feeling inspired yet, here’s what Man Kaur said whenever asked about her career in athletics. She used to say that it’s like she’s reliving her life whenever she’s running and that till the time she’s alive, she’ll continue running and winning medals.

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