Yoga: Learn to do the Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara is an essential element of practising yoga. This routine is an integral part of the traditional Hatha yoga and works out your entire body.

The Sun Salutation is meant to be enjoyed at sunrise, facing the sun.

It consists of a series of 12 poses or asanas which are performed in a fluid, continuous movement accompanied by a specific breathing pattern.

It provides a variety of benefits: it builds strength and agility as well as helps you relax physically and mentally. Practising these exercises regularly greatly increases your vital energy, or prana. If practised regularly, Sun Salutation helps your spinal column and joints become more supple.

Follow These Steps for a Typical Sun Salutation

Inhale each time you adopt an open pose, and exhale as you adopt a closed pose.

We recommend practising this exercise in the morning to energise your body and awaken your spirit; however, it can also be practised at any time of day, whenever you feel in need of a boost of energy, or to help you practice your deep breathing, or simply when you want to feel good.

Sun Salutation poses


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