Are you wondering which sport is best for your child? Every activity will teach them to channel their energy and to develop many skills, such as flexibility, balance, concentration and coordination. 

Domyos helps you accompany your child through their first sporting steps.

Getting them Excited about Sport

In a word: fun. That's all it takes for your child to stick with a sports activity!

To get them excited about sport, ask for their opinion and consider their likes, expectations and their friends. Encourage them but don't force - you could discourage them more than anything. Sport shouldn't feel like a chore for kids.

Often, they get interested in a sport just as quickly as they lose interest. Listen to them and help them enjoy the sports they do.

Find the right Sport

Is your child a real warrior, a chatty Cathy, or painfully shy? Think about their hobbies, toys and activities they like to do to find the right sport for them. If combat sports fascinate them, have them try out a Judo or another martial arts class that will teach them many values such as respect, friendship, courage, courtesy, and self-control.

They can also be great for more timid children, helping them get over their shyness and work out tension. If your kids are very active, try an individual or team sport like gymnastics, swimming, tennis, football or basketball.

If they're more of an artist, consider dance or circus arts. For hyperactive children, yoga is a great way to calm them down, help them control their emotions and channel their energy.

Direct them towards a sport that's right for their age group.

From 18 months, get them started with Baby Gym, which is perfect for developing their psycho-motor skills. Some of the activities include motor skills course, dance, and singing. Parents and children can have a relaxing time playing together and discover the fun of gym activities, while improving motor skills, balance and coordination.

Between the ages of 5 and 8, children need to burn off energy and have fun playing. Their bodies have developed enough that they can chose any sport that interests them. For this age group, you should chose an activity that develops balance, coordination and concentration.

Gymnastics and dance are perfect activities for developing these skills. They also help develop creativity and improve flexibility. Judo will teach your children a true life philosophy, help them improve their self-control and teach them to respect their adversary. Horse riding is great for shy children and will help them gain self-confidence as they learn to take care of and master their horse. To develop their reflexes, sign them up for tennis. To encourage their sense of teamwork, respect for others and social rules, have them play a team sport. Adventurous children will love sports like rock climbing. And finally, from a young age, you can always sign them up for swimming lessons, a fun activity that will let them exercise their entire body.

From 8 years, kids move from the beginner's stage to an advanced and competition level. Aim for sports that improve coordination and have them play against an adversary, whether individual or team, such as football, basketball, rugby, handball, martial arts or tennis.

This is when older children can start an endurance sport (cycling, running). More competitive children may want to try track and field or tennis to improve their concentration and determination.


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