1. The Beauty Booster: Birch Juice

It seems like a miracle, but birch juice is guaranteed to please! Among its many benefits, it slims your figure and detoxifies your body and is diuretic and antiseptic. Its leaves contain numerous treasures, helping your body to better eliminate waste, improving drainage, fighting against water retention, boosting kidney functions, clearing toxins from your skin and refreshing its vigour! Nothing could be better than this burst of energy for a great figure and sublime skin!

2. The Performance Enhancer: Beetroot Juice

This juice rocks! It helps increase your performance and chances of success. And it's tested and proved! Researchers at the University of Exeter in the United States demonstrated that nitrates ‒ a high quantity of which were detected in this beverage ‒ are beneficial for athletic performance. Nitrates dilate your blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. They also increase the effectiveness of the cardiovascular and muscular systems by reducing the quantity of oxygen needed. So are you ready to take the challenge and improve your physical fitness?

3. The Elixir of Youth: Pomegranate Juice

The star of the moment, pomegranate juice will sweep you away! This beverage is highly sought after due to its health benefits. Brimming with phenols and especially antioxidants, scientists recommend pomegranates for their ability to limit cardiovascular risk and fight against certain kinds of cancer and diabetes. The tannins it contains are said to slow the ageing process. Famous cancer researcher David Khayat included pomegranate juice in his famous "invigorating" magic potion. Try this fantastic recipe for a drink packed with energy: one third green tea, one third pomegranate juice and one third ginger, for a guaranteed blast of energy!

4. The Anti-Fatigue Solution: Sea-Buckthorn Juice

Sea-buckthorn juice is a wonderful source of vitamin C: it has 30 to 50 times more vitamin C than oranges! Originally from the Himalayas, this shrub is now grown in various mountainous countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine has always recognized its virtues. In modern times, its has caught on in quite surprising ways: Soviet astronauts used it as an energy drink during their voyages into space! In 1998, it was taken up by Chinese athletes at the Seoul Olympic Games. It is a highly effective natural revitalizing drink! It is perfect for the entire family, including people who cannot drink caffeine.  

Sea-buckthorn juice provides the essential pick-me-up you sometimes need to stay on course, boost your energy and improve recovery after exercising!


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