In practice, you need to exercise to increase your physical capacities and develop your VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) and your anaerobic capacity (push your anaerobic threshold). To this end, there is split training. This exercise is great for strengthening the heart and getting the body used to longer or more intense exercise.

1. What is Split Training?

Split training means introducing different paces into your training. This means alternating phases where your speed will increase as well as your heart rate, with active recovery phases that allow you to recover.

The idea: to be able to run longer at high intensity thanks to recovery periods, and thus improve cardiovascular performance. The duration of the different phases of effort varies from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the target training goal (weight loss, power, etc.).

2. What is Split Training?

Split training, or interval work, aims to increase the total workload by reducing fatigue. In other words, it means that you are gradually improving your maximum aerobic speed (MAS).

This corresponds to the speed at which your oxygen consumption (VO2) is at its maximum (VO2 max).

The VO2 max (ml/min/kg) = 3.5 x the MAS (km/h). By developing your aerobic power, you improve your resistance to effort and your speed. So it’s an essential concept for anyone looking to improve their performance!

3. The Benefits of Split Training

split training

This method of varying your pace gets the body used to coping with the production of lactic acid and thus increases the anaerobic threshold, a limiting factor of endurance.

By boosting your heart rate to the maximum with a split workout, you’re working on your power, stamina and lactic acid resistance. You’re also forcing your body to adapt. Result: you improve your cardiovascular endurance.

4. How to do Split Training?

If you’re able to run for 30 minutes at a constant speed, start including split sessions in your cardio training plan.

To start:

  • First train continuously on the basis of 45-minute sessions on a treadmill or cardio bike.
  • Then, incorporate one split session per week.
  • Then increase the pace with 2 split sessions per week + one continuous session. Don’t go beyond 2 split sessions per week.


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