Our eyes are one of the most complex organs we have. Sight is, arguably, our most important sense. Yet, we often tend to take our vision for granted. When it comes to eyewear, it's generally associated with lifestyle or luxury or as a fashion statement but this article is going to dig deeper into the very important role that eyewear plays in protecting our eyes. Uv radiation as you would have heard is one of the most common reasons to damage our lens leading to vision loss and cataracts. 

But do you know how to choose the right sunglasses for your sport? This article will aim to help you make the right choice. 

What is Ultra-Violet Rays? 

We've all heard the term before but very few of us know what they exactly mean. Ultraviolets are basically rays that aren't visible to the eye but can pass right through the ozone layer and through our bodies. It comprises of mainly 3 types of rays - UVA, UVB and UVC. Being exposed to prolonged durations of UVA can cause cancer or vision loss. UVB, on the other hand, causes sunburn, light sensibility or cataract. UVC rays are absorbed in the ozone layer. These rays are commonly encountered at an altitude or at sea. 

UVA contributes to maximum damage for those below 20 years of age. Post 20, the retina is protected but not the cornea or lens. Therefore it's highly important to protect children's eyes as the damages caused by UVA are permanent. 

How do we make our Sunglasses;-

We add UV blocking material in our lenses which makes them then100% anti UVA and UVB. No matter the luminosity, the environment or sports glasses, you are protected from UV. 

1. Luminosity or categories – 

The categories of the lens reduce the luminosity for better comfort and vision. Categories correspond to the percentage of the light that gets through the lens. Let’s discover all 5 categories below. 

Category 0This category contains all clear lenses. These glasses are designed to be worn for indoor sports, at night or in bad weather. These lenses allow 80 – 100 percentage of light. 

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Category 1 & 2Cat 1 are generally tinted yellow and to be worn in bad weather with fog present and for sports in the forest where light is low. They improve contrast and allow 43% to 80% of light. Cat 2 is ideal in changeable weather alternating between cloudy and sunny. It allows 18% to 43% of light.

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Category 3 – This the most common lens. Designed for sports in very bright conditions. Often grey to brown. Suitable for sunny weather at lower altitudes. They let through 8%-18% of visible light. 

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Category 4 – These lenses are very dark and designed for exceptionally bright and very intense sunshine at high altitude. These lenses let through between 0% to 8% of light. Most suitable for mountaineering and high altitude treks like Chadar Trek, Roopkund, Kuari Pass etc. Please note, do not wear them while driving. As these lenses alter your vision and colour perception. .

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2) Polarised – 

There is a lot of dust around this topic. Let’s clear that. This is the technology, which is able to stop the reflection from the floor to enhance your vision and comfort. For e.g. you can see the rocks underneath the shallow water clearer with polarised lenses. 

It is highly recommended for snowy hikes and winter travel. 

How it works? 

These lenses cuts reflection, limits the glares and increase the contrast. If you want to see how it works, visit any of our store to see the magic. Or simply wear a polarised lens and look at your phone screen and rotate the phone. Try it out! ! 


3) Photochromic – 

This technology is able to adapt the colour of the lens automatically with the UV. It does not work inside the car as the windshield stops the UV. When its cloudy the lens is clear and when it’s sunny the lenses turn dark. 


Sun UV wave creates a reaction that make the fibre rotate and darken the lense. 

4) Anti Fogging – 

Taking a sip of hot coffee or tea, trekking on snowy trail, or roaming in Iceland. All of a sudden there is fog all over your lenses and damn you can see nothing. Now that’s not the problem anymore. Thanks to our anti fogging sunglasses. These glasses are enabled with small windows for air to pass right on the frame. They keep the ventilation on and stops fog from forming. 

Hope, this article eases your job to decide which sunglasses to buy next time. While you are buying fancy jackets for cool pictures, don’t forget to care about your eyes. 
Remember , tired eyes rarely see a good future. 
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