Calming your mind and fathoming your wandering thoughts is one among the fabulous ability that everyone should imbibe in this hussy busy world. The only way to attain this serene state is to learn to meditate.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the state of solitude one attains by easing out the pressure and calming your frenzy thoughts. 

We know that now you would be knitting your eyebrows wondering how to meditate. Let's take a walk through on a few of the mediation benefits and steps on how to do meditation because it is important to take that multivitamin tablets for your brain. 

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is not solely about developing your concentration, rather there are a plethora of benefits of meditation, it depends on how to meditate. Let's dive into some of the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of meditation.

benefits of meditation
  1. Eases Out Stress

One among the common and soothing benefits of meditation, which is the alluring magnet that attracts a wholesome of the population to do meditation. But most of them forget to answer the question of how to meditate to enjoy the benefits to the core.

Easing out stress means getting relief from both physical and mental stress. The seating position and the breathing pattern releases the tight rigid tissues and releases the stress hormones, releasing cortisol.

The effects of stress hormones are worse; it causes inflammation in promoting chemicals called cytokines. These are the hormones responsible for causing sleeplessness, anxiety and high blood pressure. Meditation reduces stress syndromes like bowel problems. True meditation is the best therapy for anxiety and depression. 

  1. Molding a Better Version of You

Building up your character is one of the best spiritual benefits of meditation. Meditating helps you to bring a strong and understanding person out of yourself. It is important to tame your thoughts and develop a better self, where you understand things from the depth. This is going to help you with different endeavors of your life.

Meditation wards off negative thoughts, gradually our mind starts segregating harmful thoughts and engage in positive vibes. You can sheer your thoughts and also enhance problem-solving capacity. What's better than this, now we hope you all must be knitting thoughts on how to meditate.

  1. Fight Away Addictions

What meditation does is increase the ability to control yourself. In this addictive world with numerous shortcuts and wrong routes, it is important how you control yourself and place yourself in the best route, rather than following the used paths. This can be considered in a way a physical benefit of meditation because if our body tames from addictions, it obviously improves your physical health and strength. 

Addictions are many, ranging from alcohol and drugs to mobile phones and the digital world, which is now an addiction for half of the population. Though meditation doesn't provide any medical benefit, by controlling your mind, you break from harmful habits and restricts your addictive behaviors. It redirects your attention and diverts into focus on yourself. Once the will power is high, you become the master of your emotions and not vice versa. Digital detox by meditating is the best way to abstain yourself from technology and focus on self and others.

  1. Better Sleep

Good' nights are often an abstract term now. We wish each other good night, a safe and sound sleep, but are you sure you are having a good night? Now stop blaming and spitting terms like Existentialism and depression. This is nothing, but you are not giving your body and mind the rest and attention it needs. Keep it simple.

Insomnia is a vicious threat to your mental and physical health. It happens because, you put your brain on continues work and stress out your mind, but restrain from giving it proper rest. It is important to know how to meditate to regulate a good sleeping pattern. Meditation influence sleeping patterns and reduces chronic insomnias. This itself is one among the major spiritual benefits of meditation.

  1. Reduce Respiratory Infections

This is laid, as meditation needs continues breathing with deep inhalations and exhalations, it is good for the process of respiration reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections. The continuous breathing pattern increases the intake of oxygen and allows its flow through the blood. Thus this oxygen intake reduces the risks caused by viruses and restrains you from certain allergies and illnesses related to this.

Meditation is also one of the best treatments to cure asthma and breathe related problems.

  1. Increases Pain Tolerance

Tolerating pain is a hard thing, but the best power to have. But a low immune system and chagrin lifestyle make your immune system frailties and low. The moment your immune system fails to be strong, your pain threshold becomes very low, pinging you with every tint of pain. Thus it is important to know how to meditate, to lend ears to the screams of your body and cure them with attention and care. This helps you explore the real strength and power vested in you to tolerate pain.

  1. Cure Headache and Migraine

At times what your nerves and brain need is rest and focus. Through meditation, the blood flow to the head and nerves increases and thereby releases tight tissues, reducing the chance of chronic migraines

These are a few of the ways on how meditation benefits your mind and body. Now it is cardinal to know how to do meditation.

How to Meditate for Beginners 

Meditation is a serene art which should be done with complete perfection and accuracy. Learn to meditate with a few simple steps to attain the solitude you need in your life. Here we list down the complete guide to meditating with few meditation techniques for beginners too.

meditation for beginners
  1. Spot a Comfy Peaceful Place

First and foremost before indulging in meditation, find a comfy place away from all the noises. A spot where you feel the rising sunshine with a cool breeze could be the best. Plant yourself in silence.

  1. Sit on a Cushion or Chair With a Straight Posture

Maintaining a perfect and straight posture is important while meditating. It is not necessary to sit in a crossed leg position, you can either sit on the floor or chair, but with your spine erect. This is important for proper blood flow as well as the flow of thoughts and energy.

  1. Eyes closed

Now slowly close your eyes and focus on your wandering thoughts. It is important, especially for beginners to try and concentrate on the screams of their bodies. Indulge in your inner self and fathom your thoughts

  1. Inhale and Exhale

With closed eyes, follow a continued breathing pattern. Focus on your breathing, there is no need to control or hold on to it. Just relax and take long inhalations and deep exhalations. Turn your focus into the breathing patterns gradually.

  1. Open your eyes

Now slowly open your eyes, when you feel the urge to put a stop. With practice that urge to stop never adore you, and you feel to be in the state for a long period. Slowly and gently open your eyes. It might feel a bit vague and cloudy but it’s important to maintain a calm state. 

This is it. You are done with a day's meditation. See it's easy and highly effective if practiced daily and correctly.

Meditation Techniques for beginners

Meditation for beginners might be a bit hard nut to crack, if you want to reap the complete benefits. Before taming your mind is not an easy task. But few of the meditation techniques for beginners to smooth their endeavor are here

  • Try meditating in the early morning, meditation for beginners as well as others with the rising sun is super effective. Because you start with a fresh mind and a healthy body.
  • Beginners can try and count their breaths to improve the concentration level and focus.
  • Always meditate in silence initially
  • Adhere on to some mantras which can control your thoughts and enhance focus.
  • There are no specific rules on how to meditate. But it is good if you keep a few things on the mind to create a fruitful endeavor. 
  • Wear a simple and comfy dress, which is light cotton or banyan. Avoid heavy clothing as this can easily distract your thoughts and make you uncomfortable.
  • Try to meditate with an empty stomach, early in the morning, with a clean bowel
  • Stick to some mantras if you feel you might get distracted.


These were few tips to stick on to. But meditation cannot be confined into mere words, it is a state to be felt and achieved through concentration and perseverance. Lend your ears to the whispers of your body and live your life with a happy and healthy mind and body, by practicing meditation.


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