Do you want to galvanise your cardio training? No problem! We will help you to achieve a really rewarding goal: running for 45 minutes without stopping. 

In this article we will introduce you to a 2-month programme that will help you develop your endurance. In order to reach this goal, your training must be gradual. In fact, this is an essential if you want to optimise your performance. As you will see, by exercising regularly, you will find that running becomes easier and more enjoyable. Before we start, here are some tips to get you motivated.

1. How Can You Stop Yourself Giving Up?

A study has shown that mental distraction during exercise halves the number of people who give up on their run. So here are 3 ideas to keep you motivated and training for longer:

  • Listen to music as you run
  • Set up your exercise bike or treadmill in front of the TV
  • Find a running partner so you can have a chat as you train

2. Can You Take a Break During this Workout?

running on a treadmill

Taking a break is no bad thing, but making a poor excuse for doing so certainly is.

At the end of your workout, do you regret the good you have done your body? Probably not! So to motivate you in training, think about how good you will feel afterwards.

3. Running Continuously for 45 Minutes: The Right Training Program

Here is an 8-week programme that will help you to run for 45 minutes. Try to follow it to the letter in order to achieve your goal.

This will require a balance of work and recovery. That means training for 3 days (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, or any other day) and giving yourself 24 hours of recovery between the first and second day, then 48 hours between the second and third.

Running training rogramme


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