When paired with your jodhpur boots, half-chaps play the same role as the upper would on longer boots. They stop your legs rubbing uncomfortably against the saddle and horse, and make you more stable as you ride.

You should choose your half-chaps based primarily on your skill level. They are also designed to work perfectly with several of the short boots models in our range.

For rides of different lengths outside of your equestrian centre, split leather models (e.g. nubuck) are more robust and less likely to crack.

1. Where You Ride

For Riding Outside Your Equestrian Centre - For riding outside your equestrian centre, go for a split leather model as this will better stand up to the great outdoors (branches, brambles, etc.).

For Riding in an Arena or Schooling Yard - If you are looking for half-chaps for riding in an arena or schooling yard, go for shaped models that give you plenty of contact.

2. Your Skill Level

Advanced: You can get your horse ready by yourself, even if you still need help with your riding during group or individual lessons.

It might be worth you investing in leather half-chaps so you get better contact with your horse. The downside is that they need regular maintenance.

Expert: You can get your horse ready by yourself and do not need help when riding.

You will need half-chaps lined with leather and with a supple leather part for more precise contact as you ride. Some models may also have a spur rest.

Beginner: You are starting horse riding and need help with your riding and getting your horse ready during group or individual lessons.

Synthetic half-chaps are designed for your level and will effectively protect you from rubbing and from stirrup leathers that pinch.

They offer good value for money and are light and comfy. They are also very easy to care for.

3. Choosing the Right Half Chaps

Half-chaps come in several leg lengths, given in cm, and calf sizes (XS, S, M, etc.) so that you can get a pair that fits just right.

They also come with an elastic band or gusset so that they hug the shape of your leg.

To get the right size, we recommend using the size guides available in-store or on the product page on the website.


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