Most of us know this phrase “When it rains, it pours”. Well, having said that, I would also like to quote an old Swedish saying “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.

We always misjudge the rain or most of the time we are not prepared for it and we suffer when the rain hits the earth. When you are on a hike or strolling down the streets or woods in monsoon the weather might get worse as quick as you can ever imagine. At this time all you would need is the best rain gear which would suit your purpose. Before getting into how to choose waterproof jackets, let’s know a bit about rain.

The rain can come in different forms- light rain, moderate rain, heavy rain, and downpour. Whether you are a person who would love to explore the countryside (which is something I love to do) or a person who would love to walk through the lights of the city, we all need protection from the rain. A rain jacket not only helps keep you dry but also lets you continue your journey.

Here are some suggestions for rain jackets-

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NH 100 Rain cut Jacket – with 2000 MM of waterproofing this jacket can be used for 2 hours continuous rain. This would be the perfect choice for a city walk as it can be folded into its pocket and stored in very little space. These jackets come in two types full zip and also half zip.

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MH 100 Waterproof Jacket – with 5000 MM of waterproofing this jacket is ideal for moderate rain. This would be the best choice for half a day strolling down the woods or to fully spend a day in the city or even a hike depending upon the rainfall. The mesh in the inner part of the jacket gives good breathability and reduces condensation. The best part of the jacket is that the hood of the jacket is removable which makes it multipurpose.

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MH150 Waterproof Jacket – with 10000 MM of waterproofing, this jacket can be used for heavy rains. Ideal for commuting purposes or strolling around for 2 to 3 days in a week or even a day hike. Apart from being waterproof, this jacket will also act as windproof giving you good protection in moderate windy weather. This jacket also gives you enough room to layer up (which can be very necessary) as the weather might get cooler or windy. The best part of the jacket is the Visor on the hood which protects your face from rain and gives you better visibility. All pockets have zips including one inner pocket.

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MH500 Waterproof Jacket – with 15000 MM waterproofing, this jacket can be used for heavy rains or even in a downpour. Ideal for commuting purposes or strolling around for 4 to 5 days in a week. This jacket is also windproof and comes with taped zips that protect your belongings inside the pocket much safer. Even with 15000 MM waterproofing the jacket is lightweight and has a zip underarm which helps for ventilation. Jackets also have enough room to layer up with other clothing if the weather gets too cold.

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Travel 3 in 1 Jacket – this one of the best and most versatile jackets which solves all your purpose and is my personal favorite. The jacket has two layers: the inner layer is a fleece or padded jacket and the outer layer is a waterproof jacket. With both the layers you can go from 0° to -10° (depending upon the jacket you choose). Both the layers can be removed and worn separately. As the name itself indicates it can be used for 3 different purposes. Both inner layer and outer layer for cold and rain. Only the inner layer for the cold and only the outer layer for rain. The jacket comes with 5000 MM waterproofing. Hence making one of the best versatile jackets.

Lastly, not to forget Rain Cover for BackpackOne of the most important accessories to keep your belongings safe.

Tips and Tricks for a better experience

  • Adjust your hood with the help of a drawstring according to your need for better visibility
  • Always tuck in your shirts or t-shirts into the pant before wearing the jacket to prevent them from getting wet and for a rain jacket to fit well
  • Store your jacket on top of your bag so it’s easy to access in case of sudden rain
  • Use the drawstring near the waist for better protection from the rain.
  • Fold and store the jacket only when its fully dry     
  • It is not recommended to use any of the above-mentioned jackets for bike riding

To conclude, investing your money in buying rain gear will make you happy as it is one of the best investments because you will encounter rain most of the time in the monsoon. Do not forget to choose the right one. As mentioned above, “It’s not about the weather, it’s all about having the right clothing at the right time”.

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