A traveller without the right backpack, a photographer without the right camera bag and a Tennis player without the right bag are always a recipe for disaster. A Tennis bag is more than just an accessory. It's your own mini house. Read on to find the right bag for you. 

At Artengo, we divide all players into three categories. The products and usage are determined based on this classification. 

Three Types of Tennis Players


An occasional player is someone who plays Tennis once or twice a month. This type of player often does not require a lot of equipment and hence needs a smaller and lighter bag that is easy to carry and maintain. 

Artengo Bag 100 M

Ideal for carrying 
  • Inner lined pocket for Racket accessories 
  • Outer side pocket for personal items
Price : 1099 
Find it here Artengo Bad 100 M


The Tennis player that plays upto twice a week is a regular player. This type of player usually is a trained player who plays Tennis as recreation or a player who is still learning the sport. The requirement of such players surpasses that of an occasional player in the sense that a regular player will carry a few more things and in a higher quantity. 

500 M Racket sports bag 

Capacity : 30L
Price : 1999
Shop here Artengo 500 M Racket sports bag
  • Light and easy to carry 
  • Backpack style padded straps 
  • Shoe cover included (also used for wet clothes)
  • Can ideally carry

Feel free to mix and match your Racket sports during your weekend club visit. 


The big boys of the sport! The trained players looking for a new challenge every week and are always competing for the next available trophy. An intensive player trains week in - week out and treats their bag as a mini home. 

Tennis bag 530 L

Capacity : 50L
Price : 2499 
Make it yours Tennis bag 530L
  • Easy to carry with padded straps 
  • Isolated shoe compartment with ventilation 
  • Stiff design to aid back support and retain shape
  • Two large side pockets for accessories 
  • Can ideally carry 

No matter what level you play at, Artengo has the right bag for you! 

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