Set up in your garden, at the beach or in a campsite, a pool will allow your child to stay in the water and have fun while cooling off! But which one to choose? Is it better to get a folding pool or an inflatable pool? Nabaiji is here to give you its tips on choosing the right one.

There are two types of paddling pools: folding and inflatable.


1. Folding Pool

The folding pool is perfect for your children when they are still small. 

Stored in its watertight bag, it unfolds and assembles in two seconds.

It is easy to carry and you can take it with you anywhere, so your children can go for a dip and have fun without getting too close to other bodies of water (sea, lake, swimming pool, etc.)  

It is easy to fill with its watertight bag. 

inflatable pool

Inflatable Pool

The inflatable pool is composed of three chambers that provide good stability on the ground. It can accommodate several children.


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