Our frantic day-to-day lives mean we need to find a balance between work, family life and free time. Sport, and more specifically cycling, can prove an excellent means of releasing tension, relieving stress, fighting depression and controlling your weight. 

Cycling is a source of well-being, whatever your age or sex. Find out why!

cycling a source of well being

1. A Healthy Activity

Cycling gives your cardiovascular system a workout. This in turn has a positive effect on your body.

Your heart is a muscle and, when you train it, it becomes more efficient and powerful. Blood is better distributed around your body if you are fit.

With training, your heart rate drops both during exercise and at rest, and your more frequently-used muscles run less risk of injury and suffer less from the pains of everyday life.

By cycling every day, you also reduce the risk of diabetes because physical activity helps you better control your insulin levels.

Note: in this case, always take something sweet (sugar, jelly) and/or a snack with you.

Sport also helps to reduce your blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should also take other steps to control it such as limiting your salt intake and the number of fatty foods you eat.

Cycling has the advantage of being a weight-supported sport. It, therefore, stops your joints from being exposed to the impacts of jogging or other such sports that require you to run on a hard surface. It protects your joints (knees and ankles) and gives you the option of exercising gently on roads or countryside trails.

Cycling can also help counter the impact of osteoporosis on your bones. It is scientifically proven that physical activity limits the reduction in bone density.

fight depression

2. Good for Morale and Fighting Seasonal Depression

Put simply, when you cycle town bike, you forget your everyday worries. Physical activity becomes a true natural antidepressant.

In fact, during your session, the oxygenation and physical exercise help you to think positively.

This is even truer in winter when the risk of seasonal depression is greatly increased. This form of depression, which is very well known in Scandinavian countries but often less recognised elsewhere, is linked to a lack of sunlight.

In winter the days are shorter, you are exposed to less sunlight, and the weather is less predictable. All of this can affect your well-being.

Although it is not the only solution for fighting seasonal depression, doing sport, and in particular cycling, helps you guard against it. When you train, you produce several hormones:

This hormone is secreted during exercise and is responsible for pleasure and alertness. This is the reason why you feel less tired and get a sense of well-being after doing exercise.

Also produced during exercise, these hormones reduce pain and are responsible for euphoria.

cycling for weight loss

3. Cycling for Weight Loss

Let’s be clear: one bike session is not enough to slim down or stabilise your weight sustainably. It is only with gradual, regular and repeated exercise that you will achieve this.

Cycling is an endurance sport. During your sessions, you will, therefore, burn calories and remove fat. In order to make sure you’re eating the right food, make sure you follow a few simple rules for managing your weight.

Sport, and in particular cycling, is a source of well-being… If you have not yet had a go, make it your New Year’s resolution to try it out! And remember to share your experience with us…


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