Tip - 1: Move a Little Every Day!

Stay fit tips

Our bodies are designed to move every day. But what with work, family and friends, our modern lifestyles leave little time to think about ourselves and our fitness. We often think that only a long, intense workout will give us the benefits of doing physical activity. But this is a misconception. Did you know that moderate exercise of just 22 minutes per day is enough to keep us healthy? Surely that's totally worth it to keep you feeling better in your body?

Tip - 2: Keep a Food Diary

Food diet to stay fit

Here's a simple yet effective tip forkeeping a balanced dietand therefore staying healthy: use a food diary to keep track of how often you stray from the straight and narrow so that you'll be less tempted to do so again. Draw up a weekly calendar with the different times of day marked out and gradually fill it in every time you eat and drink something (no exceptions!), including snacks. It may seem simple, but it'll really help you become aware of those little excesses.

Tip - 3: Strengthen Your Muscles

Stregthen your muscles

As you get older, you'll lose muscle mass. However, there's still something you can do to slow down ageing and muscle loss: muscle strengthening. This will help you remain mobile in your everyday activities. Our tip for getting started is to get yourself some toning and accessories such as small dumbbells, an elastic band, and wrist weights.

Tip - 4: Relax

Relax while workout to stay fit

Did you know that stressed people are more susceptible to microbes and that they find it harder to recover from illness? Did you also know that stress leads to weight gain? This has been demonstrated in studies looking into the effects of stress on your health. So why not do a bit of exercise when your stress levels start creeping up? It'll help you release any tension and transform negative thoughts into positive energy. Moderate physical activity helps fight stress because it boosts the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone). If you want to relax, stay in shape and keep yourself fit, there's nothing better than yoga, Pilates and even sophrology.


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