1. What inspired you to take up angling as a sport?

Growing up along the coasts of Chennai, a city filled with beautiful beaches, I have always been acquainted with fishing. It's something that you wouldn't miss in the city. However, I had always thought that it's for trade or occupation. It wasn't until one of my teammates took me out fishing, that I developed an interest in it. I then took it as a challenge and began going through scores of videos on youtube and practicing until I was confident enough to fish on my own. And thanks to my angling friends who helped me in this learning process in the initial stages.

2. Are there any Angling/fishing communities in Chennai? 

We have a Fishing Community where there are more than 200 active members who interact with each other and share their ideologies. They share new locations, different methods and inspire others. There're few strong influences as well who take up the fishing sport seriously and guide others only in the motive to promote the fishing sport.

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3. Best Spots to go Fishing in Chennai? 

There are different places where you can practice fishing in Chennai. Most people here love freshwater fishing rather than sea fishing.

Some of the best places where you can practice fishing in and outside chennai are :

4. What do you enjoy about fishing as an activity?

Fishing is a sport that tests our patience. We all live busy lives where we forget to take a break then and there and fishing is all about giving a break to our routine. You may be lucky sometimes with good scores and also you may return empty-handed but it doesn't matter because the main fun lies in the process where you set up the rod and wait for hours for a single fish and also chit-chat with your group. But once we get a score after waiting for several hours, it's worth the wait. The main fun is in the process, the technique etc that we use, and watching the fish fight to survive those techniques.

5. Equipment you use to practice the sport

In early stages, I was using telescopic rods since it was handy and easy to carry as well. But once I started to learn and improvise myself in this sport I upgraded myself to 2 piece rods for better strength. Here's a complete list of equipment I use :

6. My contribution to this sport.

Like every other angler, I have a great passion for this sport and I love every moment while fishing. As per search trends, fishing is the most practiced sport in the world but in India, it is considered a trade, and only a few practice this as a sport. I aim to make fishing a popular sport in India. I play my part by gifting fishing kits to kids on their birthdays and special occasions with the motive that they'll have some passion for it. 

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