I love the concept of fitness. I feel like I can talk about it for hours without a pause. It wasn't always the case, I was a different person back in 2016. I was overweight, a side effect of medications and injections I was taking for medical issues. I used to just go to parks in my locality to walk as my only goal was to lose weight. I would see guys working out skilfully with pull up bars, rings, parallel bars, and that'd amaze me. I wanted to give it a try but I was too weak.

Over time, I got stronger bit by bit. I started with calisthenics, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and more. I began to enjoy a fit lifestyle and studied it in detail to get certified, and also become a lecturer at National Fitness and Nutrition Academy. I have a YouTube channel with my partner, The Bong Sikh Couple. He's been there for me from the very beginning and supports my passion for everything.

I've been hospitalized numerous times for various issues. Each time, it had felt like a step back, but I've never been one to give up on my dreams. My vision is to educate people and help them be more aware of the importance of fitness in one's lifestyle. I believe that with determination and dedication, nothing can stop you.

I started practicing at Safari park near Dhakuria Lake in Kolkata. One does not need any fancy gym or high-tech equipment to get started on our fitness journey. My partner helped me throughout and he started making me do the workouts initially. All you need is a will to succeed and the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I never consciously planned to be a coach or an athlete. I was just endlessly fascinated with the way that people used their body weight to work out. That led me to fall in love with fitness as a whole and I focused on turning my passion into my career.

My journey has been very fruitful and educational. I have learned that practice does indeed make one perfect. And it is of supreme importance in life and your sport to always keep your focus sharp and never give up.

I love how I can unlock my skills and do things that I was not able to do earlier. It does not matter how easy or difficult something maybe for another person, one thing may seem very easy for someone else but still feel difficult for me. But that is ok. It took me a lot of practice and hard work to be able to workout like I do.

Being a Calisthenics athlete and a fitness professional, I love how bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, you can achieve whatever fitness goal you set to a level through just bodyweight workouts to start with. You do not need to have any particular body type or be of any specific age to get started.

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