The three impact areas while cycling is our foot on the pedal, our hands on the handlebar, and the pelvic area on the saddle. The sit bone positioning on a saddle varies from person to person as cyclists tend to ride in various positions based on their event upright for general commuting, stretched for road bikes, and aero/triathlon positioning.

Problem statement!

A common problem every cyclist has experienced is saddle sore/discomfort. Most often cyclists feel that it is normal, even when cycling feels uncomfortable. Whether it's those short burst rides or those long endurance rides; one can never seem to get rid of the pain in the butt and sometimes it gets so bad that one has to take time off his bike because of the chafing that comes with a hard saddle.

I have met countless cyclists who endure the saddle sore by constantly shifting around while they are on a ride rather than enjoying or focusing on the ride. Somehow the human mind says "Pain is normal", well to the saddle sores I say goodbye from now on thanks to Btwin Bike Saddle Trekking Gel 900.

Personal Experience!

There is no better teacher than experience. Having completed more than 5000 km on my cycle I can say with authority that finding the right saddle based on individual comfort is a tough task. I started my journey on a Sun cross hybrid bicycle in 2012 and then moved to Btwin Triban 520 CN in 2016 but saddle sores were the only constant in those 4 years. I could never enjoy the beauty of nature or the incomparable joy that comes while one is riding a bike. When I started my journey to become a Super Randonneur I knew that I had to cut out all negative thoughts and focus on my dream to complete a series of 200,300,400 and 600km rides. Having trained my mind I looked at other areas that I could work upon and after a lot of trials and experiments with the different saddle I had a date with destiny and I got my hands on  Btwin Bike Saddle Trekking Gel 900.

As with any saddle, the pelvic area needs some time to get used to it. Thanks to the Gel padding in this saddle I was able to focus on my distance and speed and enjoy my ride more often. A bike ride has never felt so comfortable after changing to  Btwin Bike Saddle Trekking Gel 900. 


  1. Compatibility-Suitable for all brands of seat posts with rails.
  2. Sitting comfort-Wide saddle for improved comfort. Dimensions: 280 x 160 mm.
  3. Cushioning-Thanks to the gel padding, which absorbs vibrations.
  4. Adjustable-Rails with markings for optimal adjustment.

Care and Maintenance

One has to be extra careful as the Gel cushioning might puncture if you poke it accidentally with something. 

Pro tip: While fixing a puncture or during bike maintenance when your bike is turned upside down try placing a cloth under the saddle to give it added protection from any sharp objects. 

Who should buy this?

If you are not into road racing then this is the product to have. Road cyclists tend to have a more rigid saddle so that the cushioning doesn't affect their posture on the bike as small gains matter a lot. I would highly recommend this saddle to any cyclist who is suffering from saddle discomfort and I am sure that you will not be feeling the pain anymore. 

Things to remember:

  • Leave your underwear home and wear good padded cycling shorts- A common mistake by novice cyclists.
  • Make sure you have a good bike fit- You can approach your nearest bike shop or refer to YouTube for help.
  • Always remember- Enjoy your ride with a smile!

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