A famous Tennis player once described Tennis as "A combination of violent action taking place in complete tranquility." While the violence does no physical harm to any person involved, the weapons used surely inflict some serious damage on the tennis balls.  

It is no secret that the Tennis Racket is one of the defining factors in the making of a Tennis player. A lot of time is spent by each player to explore and understand their requirements and then zero in on the perfect Tennis Racket for them. While some players base their requirements on pure specifications and end up rejecting Tennis Rackets for factors as minute as the tension being a pound less than what they want, others base it on how the Tennis Racket makes them feel. There’s no saying who is right and who is wrong, after all, even one of the greatest of all time took decades to understand that a 97inch2 is better for him than a 95inch2 frame.

Between all the confusion about what specifications to choose and what the term “feel” means, there is one Tennis Racket that seems to make this decision look and, well, “feel” much easier.

Introducing the Artengo TR900!

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this could be the best Adult Tennis Racket for you

1. It is the lightest Adult Tennis Racket in the segment

Tennis Rackets become heavier as you progress through the ranks of becoming an advanced Tennis player. It is not unheard of for players to play with Adult Tennis Rackets that weigh 325g (unstrung) to achieve higher stability on every shot. However, the drawback of a heavy Adult Tennis Racket is the added stress it puts on your arm and can become one of the major reasons to develop the infamous Tennis elbow injury. At 285g (unstrung), The TR900 is never going to allow you to go down the dark path at the end of which stands the Tennis elbow.

The other benefit of the lightweight Artengo TR900 is also our second point!

2. Manoeuvrability

Tennis is one of the few sports that use different grips (ways of holding) for different situations. You won’t see a badminton player change their grip often or a golfer change their swing too much. If only Tennis worked that way too! For a Tennis player, a forehand grip is different from a backhand grip which is different from the grip used to hit a serve. To be able to change the way you hold your racket while running to get to your opponent’s shot takes anticipation, skill and most importantly, some help from your racket. This help comes from the art of manoeuvrability.

A light Adult Tennis Racket is that much easier to manoeuvre when you are looking to change your grip and make the transition from a forehand to a backhand.

3. The balance is right in the middle. 

Tennis coaches across the world have taught us a simple hack to understand the balance of an Adult Tennis Racket. Put your finger through the throat of the Adult Tennis Racket and see which way it swings. It does provide a fairly accurate measure of the nature of the balance but it does not tell us the exact balance point. Why does it matter you ask?

Head heavy: Provides power and stability through contact
Headlight: Easier to swing the  Racket
Neutral: A bit of everything. Powerful and easy to move

The Artengo TR900 has a neutral balance that allows it to be powerful and also provide manoeuvrability at the same time. Artengo TR900 is the type of Adult Tennis Racket that enables you to play a powerful baseline game and also rush to the net and finish off points with crafty volleys.

4. Spin Concept technology

A modern-day Tennis Adult Tennis Racket is drowning in technology and the Artengo TR900 is no exception. The Spin Concept technology works towards the Adult Tennis Racket string and frame interaction. The grommets are bigger that allows the strings to move more when they make contact with the ball.

This creates a higher trampoline effect on the ball which in turn creates more spin and power.

5. Soft feel technology

Tennis players for the longest time have complained about the vibrations that their Tennis Rackets produce. Damping of vibrations is one of the most critical functions of an advanced Adult Tennis Racket. The Artengo TR900 comes with Soft Feel technology that helps reduce the vibrations while making contact with the ball. Reinforcement of a fibrous Balsa wood in the frame absorbs vibrations and gives the player a comfortable feel that enables them to swing faster and be more confident with their shots.

Your Tennis Racket is the first and the most important piece of equipment that you will purchase for the battle of Tennis. Make sure you make the right choice. It can be the difference between winning Grand slams and watching others win it on TV.

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