My Fitness Journey : Anurag Jaiswal

I took fitness as a fourteen-year-old in 9th standard. To me, fitness and weight training are the base for every other sport. It felt like destiny to me to take up fitness. I started training with weights at a local gym near my house and over time I kept working my way up to more advanced gyms.
It wasn’t a storybook beginning for me as, after the first six months of training, I suffered a severe lower back injury and was bedridden for about a month. I was unable to move my spine and the right lower limb. Back then, it was rare to find trainers who had proper anatomical knowledge.

But before I got injured, I realized that I was beginning to get noticed for the work I was putting in. Even when I was going through my time at the rehabilitation center, I knew that I would be coming back soon and I did. I put the time in to learn more about movements, nutrition, and anything that would help me.

I just loved the endorphins rushing through my veins!
If you have taken part in any sport, you know what I mean!

Along the way in my fitness journey, I sustained a few more injuries. As I rehabbed, I was unknowingly setting a career path for myself.

My journey has taught me the importance of self-discipline, of never quitting, of being focused, of respecting the importance of making an effort, of controlling the outcome, and so much more.

As one dedicates their self towards the pursuit of fitness, you realize that you need to maintain a balance. I learned that being on the extreme ends of either good or bad can be damaging in ways. Rather, maintaining a happy lifestyle helps me keep things balanced. It helps me stay balanced physically, physiologically, and mentally.
I remember there was a time when I felt purposeless. It wasn’t depression, but I could feel the chronic effects of headaches day in and day out. That served as a sort of kickstart for me to restart my fitness pursuit after my board exams. After re-joining the gym during my college days, no matter how clueless I may have been feeling, a part of me always felt complete just by working out.

I tried a lot of career options before taking up fitness professionally, as my training was a consistent part of my life throughout. I felt incomplete without it.

I’m someone who loves to live without stressing too much. I’m nowhere near perfect, I love to eat carbs, but an uncontrolled lifestyle is nothing to be proud of as it brings with it a lot of uncertainties. That can lead to physical and mental limitations, physiological disorders, and more. Practicing fitness and being aware of it regularly helps me stay close to everything good. It balances me and keeps me sane.
What more can you ask from the sport one is passionate about?

Before becoming a fitness professional, I felt very average with a dozen imperfections. When I started my journey, I felt I stood apart from the crowd. I believe that anyone can benefit from pursuing fitness, everyone deserves to experience the balance which this can bring to our lives and reap the benefits like a professional.

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