My name is Antima Bisth. I'm 24 years old. I am from Navi Mumbai and my hometown is Uttarakhand. I enjoy camping and Rock music. 

From what age are you interested in longboarding? 

In 2014, I was meeting a friend and through him, I discovered the Longboard Crew India. It looked very exciting, so I thought of trying it out. I kept practicing and gradually became a part of the group. Then I started to teach the sport to all my friends and kids around Navi Mumbai, where I live. 

Who are some of your favorite skateboarders? 

My favorite boarders are Rodney mullen(pro skateboarder from the USA) and Lotfi Lamaali (pro longboard from France)

What tricks are you an expert at? 

Well, there are certain kinds of moves on a longboard that I'm good at Like Crosstep, Shuvit, and 360 spins.

Are you a part of any longboarding community? Tell us more about it 

I am a part of a huge longboarding community which is the first and biggest one in INDIA ( LCI) it started with 9-10 people but now we are a group of 100+ passionate longboarders spread throughout India

What are some techniques that beginners should look at mastering

A beginner should first start with Cruising and Carving. Does not need to master any tricks as it's all about falling in love with your board.

What gear do you find indispensable to longboarding?

Helmet and Longboard gloves are a must for longboarding, for your safety

When and where do you practice your sport? 

I practice skateboarding at the skatepark and longboarding at any long stretch of a road that is in good condition and has less traffic.

What are some of the challenges you face as a woman skateboarder?

The entire community has been very supportive in every aspect to female boarders. But the only challenge is that the number of females practicing this sport is very less. The ratio is almost like 2:100. 

What have been some of your best memories?

I have traveled to many places to conduct longboarding workshops and to participate in competitions. Have had an unlimited amount of fun. But my favorite memory would be traveling to Manipur with my community and exploring their culture.

What are your biggest achievements?

I would say the biggest achievement of mine is the number of people I've introduced this sport to. Close to 1000+

What advice do you have for young girls beginning to take up longboarding? 

I would just like to say that, if you love it just go for it. Things can be difficult in the beginning but eventually, things will become alright with the right amount of passion and Dedication.  And again it's all about falling in love with your board.

What’s next for you?

Well I would like to take some time out to practice my sport consistently and to host a massive longboarding Championship in the coming Summer 

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