Sometimes you just need a little break in your life. I didn’t do much traveling last year with the coronavirus situation. We’re super fortunate that we had planned to go out Surfing. Mumbai is open to travel. So we started our Journey for Andheri well prepared  for the beach and with our Surfing apparel (rashguards and board shorts )  

Mumbai Surf Club is located in Vasai, a small city on the outskirt of Mumbai. This place is well known for its beaches and fishing activities.Today Mumbai Surf Club has grown into a buzzing surf and skateboarding destination full of surfers and travelers seeking waves, sunshine.

While the area has grown in recent years, there are no high-rises or large unsightly buildings to speak of, the main road remains unpaved, and locals and visitors still gather on the beach every evening to hang out and collectively watch the epic sunsets.


I’ve been to Vasai many times. But this time the plan was to Surf on the coast of Mumbai. It took us almost 1:30hr to reach our destination (Mumbai surf club ) from Andheri. It's almost 47km away. We had a good ride to the Club. Damn! The place was so beautiful, the greenery around and the roaring sea. Believe me, words are so less to express the feeling I got at that point. 



As we entered, we got a warm welcome. The ambience was wow! Gave us the right vibe that we needed. We met the instructor who was about to take us into the water (his name was Krishna ). This guy was full of energy which made us more excited to get into the water. Though it was not my first time Surfing, the way my instructor enacted and spoke to us made it more exciting. 


We had reached around 12:10 pm and we got to relax and rest for an hour, had lunch(Vasai Special). There was local fish,  one of the best fish I have ever had. After our lunch, we took a walk and some rest as we were waiting to get a good wave to surf.


It was sharp 4:30 pm where Krishna came to us with a smiling and excited face and asked us to get ready to get into the water. We all rushed to the changing room, got ourselves ready, took our boards, and headed toward the beach


Water temperature: 86 °F (25 – 30 °C)

Peak Surf Season: July - Sept 

Shoulder surf season: April - June, Nov 

Surf Experience: Beginner to advanced

Mumbai Surf Club has become one of the most popular surf zones, with a wide variety of point breaks and beach breaks that are fun, consistent, and user-friendly. Suitable for surfers ranging from beginners to experts, the local waves tend to fire (from April through September), although they also get plenty of swell during the winter “offseason.”

Wooooo!!! I would say we were super lucky to get such beautiful waves to Surf.The waves were super good. Krishna was so good with his teaching on ‘How to stand on the board’ that my two friends who were trying Surfing for the first time just took 30 mins to Stand on the Board. Krishna was so good with catching waves that I could have watched him for hours. He was like a monster in the sea!!!...



I have been surfing for the last 3 years. The experience that I had at Mumbai Surf Club as you know is the first Surf Club in the whole of Maharashtra. Mumbai Surf Club is now a point of attraction for many people in Mumbai as people are super excited to try this adventurous sport with a club so close by. They also have few more exciting sports which they offer at the Surf Club which are Stand Up Paddling, Skateboarding, Table Tennis, Darts, etc 

At night they have an interesting vibe with camping, barbeque, and bonfire with some music. They also host a SURF CAMP every weekend.



So after an amazing session of almost 90mins, we got out of the water and headed toward the club. We got refreshed with some tea. 

We found a few kids practicing Skateboarding at the Surf Club. Mumbai Surf Club has been teaching the local kids this new sport. After spending some time with the kids, we made our move toward home. We were super happy and with a lot of beautiful memories.

We had come with work stress and were going back with a lot of peaceful memories. I would want everyone who is reading this should visit the beautiful place MUMBAI SURF CLUB in Vasai. With this, we ended our Journey.

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