Best places for cycling in Guwahati

I've been cycling in Guwahati for around three years now. Coming from Uttarakhand, I'm used to riding in the hills. At first I missed the hills here, but over time I started exploring the city and outskirts, and found some amazing trails and roads to explore.

Here are five places to cycle to from the Decathlon Azara store in Guwahati, Assam.

Brahmaputra River Bank, Palasbari

Cycling out for a view of the Brahmaputra river

This route runs along the Brahmaputra river. The journey is about 12 kilometers from Decathlon Azara, and takes about 40 minutes on a cycle. It's not all flat ground. After a climb of around 500 meters over Dhakala Pahad, we find two temples and a view that can't be beat. You get an amazing view of Guwahati, especially North Guwahati especially. I take this route around 3 to 4 times a month.

Deepor Beel

Cycling out from Decathlon Azara, Guwahati

This route leads to one of the largest freshwater lakes in Assam in Deepor Beel. We see birds migrating towards this place in seasons. There are a lot of fishermen here in the morning. The view at dawn is amazing. You can sit near the river bank and watch the sunrise. The terrain is also a bit uneven and hilly, it makes for a fun mountain biking experience. This is around 11 km from the Decathlon Azara store and takes me about 50 minutes to cycle to. I take this route around two-three times a month.

Kapoli Picnic Spot

Peaceful ride to Kapoli

The Kapoli Picnic Spot is famous for picnics held during Bihu and other festivals. On this ride, there's a trail that leads to a hilly area with a small river next to it. You can see small waterfalls here, it makes for a very beautiful view. This is about 10 kilometers from Decathlon Azara and takes about 45 minutes to ride. I take this route a couple of times a month.

Chatargaon Eco Village

We feel a sense of belonging at the Chatargaon Eco Village

The Chatargaon Eco Village is about 11 km from Decathlon Azara, it is about one hour's ride. We had done a clean up drive here some time back. We have a doctor in our cycling community, with him we conducted a dental drive and distributed toothbrush, and other toiletries.

It feels very good to ride to this place. The people here feel very connected to us. It is now developing more as a tourism spot, especially over the last year.

Kamakhya Hills

Cycling together for the view

Kamakhya Hills are a very prominent pilgrimage destination. This is about an hour and half's ride from Decathlon Azara, being 19 kilometers away. The last four kilometers are totally uphill. As you climb up on this route, you can see the Bhubaneswari temple and have a vast view of Guwahati. You can see IIT Guwahati, the north bank river, and so much more. I take this route about 2-3 times a month.

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