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Deepika Khosla

Yoga Expert
Yoga, Nutrition

Yoga course from Sivananda School


"Born and brought up in Ajmer, I spent the first 16 years of my life, living the slow life, eating clean food and staying active. I moved to Delhi and it was all a little overwhelming for me. I then started practicing yoga to connect with self and to find some extra energy. I practiced at home for some time and then joined the Sivananda School to do my course. Yoga has now become an inevitable part of my life. Unrolling my mat and disconnecting from all that is out there and connecting with self is one thing that I look forward to every day-. I am also a sucker for quick healthy recipes and spend some time on the weekends meal prepping. Did I tell you that I am a grandmother at heart and would any day pick staying in with friends and family over going out!"

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Deepika - Feed Your Body and Soul

How do I control the amount of food I eat? Yoga has helped me develop mindfulness, thereby making me more aware of the things I do which includes a greater consciousness towards what and how much I eat.

Deepika Khosla
May 20, 2019
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