While the COVID-19 pandemic has led to causing a lot of fear and stress amongst everyone across the world, physical distancing and isolation are also contributing to an unhealthy state of mind of the people. We are forced to change our routines and spend all of our time at home during these challenging times, and although it is, for our benefit, it still has had a grave impact on us. Man is, after all, a social animal.  


It is crucial to preserve our physical and mental well-being in such trying times where the restlessness that comes with the situation could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Refining the mind through yoga, in such a case, is highly beneficial not just for your physical self but also, your mental health. Considering that we have been cooped up in our homes for quite some time now, we may have become lazy over time. This can be solved by practicing yoga daily. It can help sustain freshness throughout the day, therefore, stabilizing our moods.    




Since the ancient times, "The Yogasutra's of Patanjali" has been renowned for being part of healthy lifestyles with the numerous therapeutic benefits they have to offer -  

  • It serves as a nourishment to the mind and the body  
  • It helps us cope with emotional exhaustion and negativity.  
  • Helps improve focus and body flexibility  
  • Contributes to maintaining a healthy weight  
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack
  • Promotes better blood circulation  
  • Strengthens the immune system  
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system  
  • Provides healthy sleeping patterns  

Commitment to this natural exercise with a disciplined sunrise schedule will surely have a positive impact on the body in the long run with faster healing tendencies.  

The emotional distress caused by the pandemic had led to a huge psychological impact on people around the world. Practicing yoga regularly can steadily nurture health across all age-groups and revive the much-needed healthy balance between the mind and body. Yoga serves as a therapy to reinstate one's mind to normalcy. It also serves as a self-help technique. There are several asanas (postures) in this tradition that can be practiced at home and, it also lays great emphasis on the cleansing process within the body through a proper diet.  


Pranayama is an essential component of yoga and focuses on breath control. It consists of synchronizing the breath with movements between asanas but is also a distinct breathing exercise on its own, usually practiced after asanas. It is believed to have had a positive impact on patients dealing with asthma, hyperventilation symptoms, and lung disorders and help them revitalize their breathing system. Foundational postures like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Shavasana, and the likes can be performed easily and are helpful for beginners.  


The entire yoga system not only helps in lubricating the joints but also boosts energy and stimulates digestion. It has a soothing effect on the nervous system, casting out negative energy and relieving the mind from stress-disorders. The regular practice of yoga also assists in harboring a gentle behavior towards others, thereby creating a positive environment of empathy. People practicing yoga tend to be at peace with others through the spirit of kindness and compassion that the world needs at this junction of our lives. Yoga also helps in increasing the will power of the mind and concentration that can help a person navigate through emotional impulses. Yoga can enable you to take charge of your thoughts and assist in the healing process by gradually helping one come out of anxious or negative thoughts. Yoga may also be of great support in establishing stability when practiced consistently through the daily routine.  



Though the consumption of daily news and social media information can escalate anxiety levels, a well-devised yoga schedule can help us in evolving new strategies to tackle the problems that we come across in our daily life. Practicing yoga in the time of such a global crisis can assist in channelizing our energy in the right direction with better mental focus and clarity. Self-isolation has taken a toll on the overall mental health of people across the globe and, this abysmal state has been further triggered by overwhelming media sensationalization through Facebook, Twitter, and the likes. However, plunging in the pools of daily yoga practice can guide us towards meditative and spiritual growth. People may explore the possibilities of learning yoga through videos and enrich their experience through online yoga classes that can be a step-wise guide towards body cleansing. Performing yoga in a fresh early morning can keep the mind in a refreshed state for the whole day.  



It is observed that the risk of acute respiratory infections tends to increase in people with poor mental health conditions. Home-based practices like yoga and meditation can help in strengthening the lung functionality. The breathing technique of Pranayama can serve as a helping hand for people who are overstressed by the compulsions of social distancing, thereby creating a healthier and positive environment. By now, the world has realized that "Prevention is better than cure" and moving towards healthier options like yoga is a step in the right direction. A balanced diet supplemented with regular yoga workouts is an additional incentive. Social distancing has proved to be a boon during the time of such a contagion and to focus on yoga assumes pivotal importance as we sway through this time of crisis. The deeply rooted traditional practice of yoga can fortify the body as well as the mind that has rippling effects on the cognitive behavior of individuals and helps them navigate on the path of a healthier mental life. Yoga has been helpful in engaging communities towards a positive thought process by dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and loneliness. Though we may still not be looking forward to group sessions in the times to come, the practice may be carried out within our home-spaces with anticipation for the good times to return through normalcy.  


Enrichment of mental peace through daily yoga can turn out to be a good stress-buster without the need to leave our homes and keeping dis-orders at bay. An organized routine and self-disciplined outlook is the key to create a healthy lifestyle from home. A gradual shift in behavior through self-awareness towards healthy habits like yoga can also contribute to a productive lifestyle. It is an optimistic approach that leads to benefits in the long term, both physical and emotional.  



Articulating body metabolism through informed choices like yoga can help us harvest the benefits for the coming times. While the world is grappling with the pestilence of the pandemic, mental health has altogether assumed great importance to sustaining an environment of calmness and peace of mind. Steering our habits towards a healthier purpose is the correct action that needs practicing at this hour. Improved mental health can increase the self-esteem of individuals and boost morale, thereby shaping an environment of positivity for the greater good of everyone. Mindfulness in choices can help in the realignment of thoughts and a healthy decision towards peacefulness. Yoga has also contributed towards aiding individuals to gain larger attention spans, thereby increasing overall productivity and outcomes with greater clarity in decision-making.  



Seeking help is very important for people who are unable to find mental balance; this can be achieved by discussing personal grievances with family and friends. Adopting a pragmatic approach of connecting with therapists and psychologists can be exponentially beneficial in the long-run as well. While we live in times of uncertainty, we should be hopeful and positive that all is not lost and that the times to come are going to get better. Emotional togetherness is of utmost importance - we should strive towards being the best versions of ourselves. We should not let the COVID-19 pandemic breach our aspirations and, what becomes of great importance is the bond of trust that we need to strengthen among each other. Yoga and meditation are a means of connecting with our inner selves and with others through the feeling of harmony for better and healthier living. We should embrace this life with gratitude and keeping moving forward with a positive outlook.

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