Here we are the big billion in this cricket crazy nation of ours giving rise to one of the most formidable fan armies in the world!

The Barmy Army can move aside! ”Will the blue billion please stand up?” Thank you, Pepsi and Eminem for the inspiration!

And the blue billion has stood up and how! It’s easy to be a cricket fan in India. In an average Indian household, cricket rules the roost! Going by the cliché, we really do eat, breathe, sleep and downright marinate in cricket! Right from the day, we stepped into our nappies, cricket has been fed into our daily diet.

The fifteen players who make up the Indian Cricket team to represent the vast diaspora of India started out as fans too. 

What they had inside them was an unyielding passion for succeeding and desiring to make it to the very top of their game. Add a lot of sacrifices and hard work to the mix and you get an Indian Cricketer ready to shoulder responsibilities of the most demanding set of fans across the globe.

In India, the cricket journey starts very early. 

Fed with a healthy dollop of cricket served by friends and family on a daily basis it is no surprise that I took up cricket as my choice of sport! Fortunately, I was growing up with a lot of kids of my age and choosing the cricket bat wasn’t something which I had to break my head over! I was 4 years old when I picked up my first cricket bat – a humble size 0 wooden bat which could support my very “limited” shot making abilities! My love for the sport grew tenfold and evenings were spent playing cricket with the classic “gully” cricket rules!

The life stage of a cricket bat is inversely proportional to the number of times it was put through my grueling schedule of smashing balls into the window panes of our apartment building. Going by that corollary it was no wonder that my Kiddo bat broke! As I had started playing tennis ball cricket at a higher level it was the need of the hour to get my hands on a new cricket bat! It is human tendency to salivate over any snazzy new good-looking product in the market! I was enamored by this bat which could enable me to progress to the next level of my cricketing trial by fire.

My cricketing education progressed at a faster rate and my friends made a cricket team participate in a local tennis ball tournament!

And with that development, arrived an excuse to buy a new cricket bat much to my father’s chagrin! But a tournament is serious business and I had to get my hands on a Kashmir willow bat to get our team over the finish line!

That is how the cricket bug bites! And it bites hard, Injects us with an unquenchable thirst to be on the cricket field at every opportunity possible! Consequently, fills us with an urge to be at the top of our game day in and day out!

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