Don't panic! So even if your scales are decidedly pointing in the wrong direction, keep your head held high and focus on an action plan as soon as possible. How? By following these 5 tips to help you get rid of your holiday pounds.


, go easy on the calories.

Go for a suitable diet to make up for the damage done by the carbs and other fats.

There is no secret: to lose weight after the holidays, you need to steer away from fatty foods. And most of all, you need to stay away from all sweet treats, dishes with plenty of a sauce and any deep fried foods.


Citrus fruit and their zest are popular! They are the perfect antidote to Christmas splurging, purifying the body and helping it to get rid of toxins.

And during the winter when germs tend to take up residency, they are powerful allies against colds and flu.

They are full of vitamin C, great against winter tiredness and other small evils.

They are also known to be high in antioxidants and low in calories.



Now's not the time to make a fuss, focus on detoxing to get rid of all the waste accumulated during the holidays.

? By eating as much fibre as you like.

In France, only 22% of men and 12% of women reach the recommended 25 grams per day, according to a study by NutriNet-Santé in 2012. And yet high fibre foods make you feel fuller for longer and burn fat. Together with proper hydration, they play a key role in regulating the digestive process.

So plenty of grains, wholemeal crisp bread, split peas, avocados, herbs and spices!


Family meals usually means second or even third helpings.... And just like everyone else, you quickly end up overeating because you don't want to offend your host...

So how do you avoid putting on weight? So your new year's resolution is: say no! Time to change habits and enjoy relaxing meals

? Sit down in a quiet area, without anyone disturbing you, and try to eat your meal in peace and quiet. You'll feel full after 20 minutes. By devoting time to your meal and chewing slowly, you'll be satisfied with a lighter meal. And you won't feel hungry when you finish.

This should help you to eat less and get your waistline back after the holidays without frustration.


After the holidays, you tend to feel a bit heavy... and really not in the mood to start working out again... you have to move if you want to lose weight! And the timing is perfect, seeing as starting to work out again to lose weight was one of your new year's resolutions!

helps to lose calories.

And even if you're having trouble sticking to it, you can still try to walk for half an hour a day, or take the stairs rather than the lift! Walking, just like jogging, uses your abs, useful for getting the intestines working. This way, you can prevent constipation caused by inactivity. 


Make some resolutions to get your year started in top shape!

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