During my college days, I along with my two friends went to kheerganga for our first trek. We did some day hikes but this was going to be our first trek experience. We decided to start our journey at night so that we can start trekking in the morning. We boarded a bus from ISBT Chandigarh to Buntar. From there we changed the bus going to Manikaran and early morning we reached Manikaran. The best part about Manikaran is that you can have a bath in a hot water spring which is so relaxing. After doing some rest and breakfast we waited for the local bus going to Barshaini from Manikaran. Barshaini is the village from where the trek to Kheerganga starts. To be honest, in this trek I had both the best and worst experience of the trek. Here are a few mistakes which I made during my first trek.

Time of trek

I went to kheerganga in December which is off-season for this trek because of the harsh weather conditions at the top. So, most of the trekkers avoid going there in winters. Also, no local shops were open at that time where one can have food and beverages. We were lucky that the weather was pleasant, fresh snowfall on a trek can make it difficult to find the trail.

What can be done ?

If you're going on a trek which is new to you I would suggest you go in the season when most of the trekkers choose to go. Otherwise, you can accompany an experienced trekker.

Heavy backpack 

Backpack is your best companion on a trek. The mistake I made was I packed countless clothes and other things such as moisturizer, deodorant which were not essential for the trek. This makes my backpack bulky, as a result, I got tired in the initial stage of the trek.

What can be done ?

While packing you should go through all the things one by one and ask yourself Is it required? Is it worthy to carry that much weight with you? Because every extra gram you pack here is going to weigh more than a kilo when you are tired.

Improper clothing 

The jacket I was wearing is a jacket that is both warm and waterproof. It has a fleece inside and an outer layer of polyester and nylon. The drawback was that it was bulky for the trek. Also, I cannot take off the jacket as the temperature was low. 

What can be done ?

Buy a duck feather jacket according to your temperature requirement and for waterproofing buy a compact rain jacket. So, you have the option of wearing one at a time or both.

Fast Hiking 

This is the mistake most beginners do in their first trek. I was full of energy at the start so I started hiking at a fast pace and within an hour I was tired and took many small breaks to recover that energy.

What can be done?

Do save your energy from the starting itself and take baby steps from the beginning. Remember the old saying slow and steady wins the race, this perfectly fits here.

Lack of essential equipment

The last mistake that I made was thinking, there is no usage of hiking sticks. Hiking sticks not only help you to balance but also save a lot of your energy being worked as a third leg.

What can be done ?

 The usage of this small but worthy equipment needs to be learned beforehand. You can watch videos on YouTube to learn how to hold the hiking stick.

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