High Quality doesn’t always mean High Price!

We believe that the benefit and joy of sports should be for the many, not the few. That’s why every Decathlon product is designed keeping in mind its affordability and accessibility.

At Decathlon, we continuously try to lower our permanent prices. We almost obsess every day to optimise our costs in order to offer you quality products at the lowest price to be able to make sports accessible to the many.

We’ve been successful in lowering the prices of our flagship products. It is mainly a result of the daily reflection of our designers and researchers and is thus able to present to you quality sports articles at the lowest price.

To achieve this, numerous processes are set up. Here are the 6 step processes which are optimized (reduction of production or packaging cost, optimization of use, removal of superfluous elements and much more) to lower the price of our products considerable and definitively to enable you to practice a sport in the best conditions.


Our researchers study the needs of the body in sport and look for new materials, the cheapest and the most adapted, to design quality products.

decathlon low prices


Our designers and industrial partners integrate the price from conception to find the most technical solutions at the best price.

decathlon low prices


We select the materials at the best value for money, without ever cutting down on the quality.

decathlon low prices


We continuously optimize production processes to reduce unnecessary costs.

decathlon low prices


We always optimize our supply chain by reducing the distance between our production and sales areas or by reducing our packaging to reduce the congestion of our products.

decathlon low prices


And to store, where we optimize the gestures of shelving, inventories or equipping our teams of shelves to facilitate travel, reduce costs and better serve you.

decathlon low prices

Following the above processes, we’ve been successful. We were able to reduce the prices of more than 50 articles. Here are a few examples.

Trekking Backpack

Budget Trekking made even more accessible

How would it be if we could make trekking a frugal experience? That’s exactly what we aim at considering the increase in the number of trekkers over the years, especially among the youth.

There exists a struggle to find the perfect beginner backpack which also suits the pocket. We’ve taken our best-seller backpack and made it even more accessible with the promise of quality and reduced price.

Kalenji Tshirts

We’re actually quite proud of this product considering what it’s made of. You won’t believe, but we actually use 7 post-consumer waste PET bottles to make each garment. (1.05 kg bottle= 1 kg of recycled yarn)

We believe, this a fantastic way to recycle waste and transform it into a productive purpose.

low prices

Cross Training Suspension Strap

18% fabric reduction has been done to enhance usage convenience and further cut manufacturing cost.

Customer Feedback

Harsh Garhwal (India), 30-39 years old, Man
Used for 7 to 12 months

There are multiple such products in the market but the quality and the price beats all. You can easily compare it to the original training straps(TRX). It’s easy to carry and even easier to use. You can even fix it on a door at your home and perform tons of exercises for your entire body. Makes staying fit easy!

low prices

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