A pedometer is an ideal instrument for measuring the level of physical activity you undertake every day!

Are you one among those who have a fixed and sedentary work schedule and usually move around in a car or public transport finally ending up with very little time for sports? A good method could then be to use a pedometer to measure your daily physical activity and know exactly how much you’re getting and then ensure that you stay fit.

Measure your daily physical activity with a Pedometer

The pedometer (or watch pedometer ) is a device measuring in real time the number of steps a person takes. It can be easily attached to the belt. It senses movement and detects the number of steps taken by the number of shocks it feels. Pedometers which don’t need to be worn close to the body as it consists of accelerometers are also available. Thus, it can be carried in a bag or even in the pocket.

Pedometers are very easy to use. It estimates your speed, distance and also the amount of calories you’ve burned. This is an important ally to measure your activity and to motivate yourself to stay fit!

One of the biggest advantages of the pedometer is that it is used in everyday life, when you’re going to work or when you’re shopping similar to activities like hiking or a jogging session. This is an efficient and an indicator of your daily physical practice level.


Using a Pedometer while practicing a Sport

If you wish to take care of your health, your muscles and lose weight, the first step is to become aware of your level of physical activity. Use a pedometer 24 hours a day for you to realize your daily energy expenditure and the number of steps performed daily.

If your activity is not sufficient, it is time for some extra physical activity. You can start with power walking , alone or in groups. The pedometer will encourage motivation by measuring your progress.

Try to adopt good habits in everyday tasks and look at each day from a different angle. Make small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a walk to pick up some bread or grocery which can be stretched further to a walk in the park. Try to take a short walk after lunch or just walk your dog every day.

The pedometer will accompany you in your daily physical activity to develop your own plan of progression. The goal? Reach the minimum of 10,000 steps daily recommended by WHO!

Take up the 10,000 steps challenge of Heath and Wellness

The World Health Organization has set a health goal of 10,000 steps daily, corresponding to about 30 minutes of active walking combined with ordinary activities.

This kind of physical practice has a positive impact on your health and well-being if you reach or exceed the goal!

Remember that good progress is made one step at a time.

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