While roller skating is mostly looked at as a recreational sport, we often ignore its obvious health benefits. That’s actually a very interesting characteristic considering the amount of fun that is associated with the sport. Imagine losing weight while having fun? It’s actually happening but we don’t really pay enough attention to it. Through this article, we are going to highlight all the different health benefits that we are exposed to while we’re skating but are quite blissfully unaware of it.

Take the work out of a workout

Roller skating is fun but it can also work as an effective workout method. Skating actually provides an entire aerobic workout which involves all the muscles of the body and the heart. It is recommended by the American Heart Association as an Aerobic fitness sport.

roller skating

Enter a happy skate of mind

Roller Skating has obvious mental health benefits. It clears your mind, releases good endorphins called “happy hormones” and just makes you happy.

roller skating

 A rolling stone gathers no fat!

1 hour of Skating burns 548 calories for a 160-pound person. It’s equivalent to jogging in terms of sport and caloric consumption, strengthening your leg muscles while helping you lose weight.

roller skating

Build endurance

Skating improves muscular endurance. After a point, it is more likely that you’ll find yourself being able to practice every sport for longer periods. You’ll be running further, swimming or even exercising for extended periods.

roller skating

Builds Muscle Groups

Stronger muscles and coordination work together to keep you active and flexible as you age. Skating works the legs and glutes through movement, while you give your arms and core a workout as you balance your body while you’re on movement.

roller skating

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