Going on a trek this Independence Day weekend? Here’s a list of 10 things you should NOT do on a trek!


1) Lack of research and planning

It is of prime importance to do a complete research of the place you would be trekking to. Know about the weather conditions, the terrain, the average time required to complete the trek well in advance and plan accordingly.

Things you should not do on a trek



2) Improper clothing & footwear

Wrong clothing and footwear could make your trek very uncomfortable and may also lead to injuries while on the trek. So make sure you have the right footwear and feel comfortable during your trek.

Things you should not do on a trek



3) Not carrying the right equipment

Weather on the mountains are very unpredictable. Hence, it is strongly advised to carry torches, rain wear / umbrella, hiking poles, hats, gloves and sunglasses.

Things you should not do on a trek



4) Not carrying a first aid kit

This is probably the first thing you should pack for your trek. Needless to say, you should always carry basic medicines and ointments while trekking. It can happen that you may slip and injure yourself a bit. But that should not stop you from completing your trek!

Things you should not do on a trek



5) Packing your backpack incorrectly

Got all your stuff ready for the trek? Packing your backpack properly can make your hike comfortable, efficient and can even save your life! Read our guide to know how to pack your trekking backpack in the right manner.

things you should not do on a trek



6) Party / over eat the night before

Do not go overboard the night before your trek. It is extremely important that you have a good night’s sleep and your body is fresh for the trek.

Things you should not do on a trek



7) Going without a guide when it’s your first time

If you are going for a trek to a new place or for the first time, do not go solo. It becomes highly risky. Choose the right company / group of people or take a local guide along if you are alone.

Things you should not do on a trek



8) Not hydrating yourself

Your fluid requirements will increase significantly when trekking even if the climate is not hot. Do not wait for the time you feel thirsty as you will already be dehydrated by then. Try and drink little but frequent quantities of water throughout the trek. Always carry a water bottle with you even if you are trekking with a large group.

Things you should not do on a trek



9) Wrong food during the trek

Avoid eating heavy meals while on the trek. Carry simple and easily digestible foods so that you get instant energy and also do not exert your body.

Things you should not do on a trek



10) Not knowing your limits

If you don’t have the habit of walking long distances, you can try to cover short distances and take breaks. Fatigue is a common problem that most people usually face while on an excursion. You are the only one who is aware of your physical strength and endurance, so always keep your limitations in consideration.

Things you should not do on a trek


You will feel the ultimate thrill on your trek if you follow all the tips and guidelines properly. It will be a memorable tour that you will never forget your entire life!


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