For most of our life, if we were ever told to ride during winter, we’ve been pretty vocal about how cold it is to ride! But, bikers aren’t always cut from the same cloth. Motivations for each can be diverse and there are a plethora of riders who prefer different things.

However, with time, we’ve discovered the many pleasures of riding during wintertime and it’s something we’d like to share with you.

1. It’s weirdly meditative and energizing

The endorphin rush is somehow purer in winter and magically mood changing. Cold wind on your face and the likes of it.

winter cycling

2. Enjoy the solitude? The roads are emptier during Winter

The speed and the irresistible feeling of sweeping through the empty streets can be very tempting.

winter cycling

3. To not taking a break from your daily training

Winter riders acknowledge each other on the road as the tough club. If you’re able to do your riding through the cold season, you don’t have to worry about taking a halt from training.

winter cycling

4. Your Winter Gear deserves a day out

Summer isn’t always a great season to go Cycling in India with the weather getting intensely hot. During winter, just put on your warm gear and you’re all set to have a great ride.

winter cycling

5. Re-Discover the Joy of Winter

Riding a bike is the best way to notice one’s surroundings. Winter is a lovely season and once you’re out on the road, you’ll notice that it’s quieter. You can really have some beautiful moments while it gets you exercise and lets you see your city in a better way.

Now it boils down to one question. What do you want to do this Winter? Ride or Rust?

winter cycling

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