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Easybreath Snorkelling Mask – Its Innovation Story

Water Sports

The Easybreath is the first full face snorkelling mask that allows you to see and breathe better in water than in air. It could be a general perspective that snorkelling is difficult. There are many sticking points: breathing isn’t…

How to Choose your Snorkelling Set

Water Sports

You’ve experienced the pleasures of underwater exploration and now want to get your own snorkelling gear? Subea gives you a few tips for choosing your snorkelling set! A snorkelling set (fins-mask-snorkel) is an excellent solution for beginners as…

How to Choose your Snorkel

Water Sports

Whether you’re a snorkeler, a diver or even a spearfisherman, a snorkel is an essential part of your gear even if you use it differently! Whilst it doesn’t seem like much, there’s no doubt that the snorkel was…

Choosing your Snorkelling Spot

Water Sports

Do you go snorkelling or would you like to have a go? Think about choosing somewhere safe to snorkel! Depending on your level of snorkelling, some aspects should be taken into account, particularly the choice of the place…

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