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10 things to carry for a 10k Run


Eagerly waiting for the 10k with a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety? That’s probably a normal feeling to have before every big event. We’ve created this list to make the process slightly easier for you. Here are the…

5 Unconventional things to do this Diwali


Remember that time your firework toppled over and flew in random directions or spun chaotically on the ground? You were probably unable to decide whether that’s actual extrovert fun or it’s something that could get dangerous. Do you…

Finishing the Ultra Marathon 100k Run


Ultra marathon run is not merely a race but also has individual challenges. The only thing I told myself before starting was, “be positive!” While I was registering myself and collecting my Bib No. I kept telling myself that…

How to Choose Running Socks


A right pair of running shoes improve the performance of a runner but choosing the wrong pair of running socks can lower the overall performance and running experience. Running with a wrong pair of socks can lead to…

Why running outfit should be specific?


Most people have the perception that a good pair of running shoes are enough for running. To make your running more comfortable and safe, the running outfits matter a lot too! It is highly recommended to wear apparel…

Essential Tips for Running in Hot Weather


Running in the hot summer days is challenging for runners, especially those who wish to start running or wish to keep themselves in good shape. To keep your fitness levels at peak, here are some essential tips for…

On running, fitness and life

Fitness, Running

It is amazing how much an active lifestyle can give us. After a good workout, I definitely feel charged up and I can focus better. It gives me so much energy that I even have enough juice left…

How to warm up before and cool down after running?


Do you know that not warming up properly and heading out straight for a run is the most common cause of injury amongst runners? How you train will define the way you run. Warming up: A good warm-up…

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