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10 things to carry for a 10k Run


Eagerly waiting for the 10k with a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety? That’s probably a normal feeling to have before every big event. We’ve created this list to make the process slightly easier for you. Here are the…

How to take care of running shoes


The most important equipment for a runner is his pair of shoes. Consequently, its maintenance plays a big part. Here are a few pointers that we have put together to take care of your running shoes.   1.…

Why running outfit should be specific?


Most people have the perception that a good pair of running shoes are enough for running. To make your running more comfortable and safe, the running outfits matter a lot too! It is highly recommended to wear apparel…

Guide to choose your Running Shoes


When it comes to running, the first thing you need to do is choose the right pair of running shoes. People are generally under the impression that the costliest shoes of the top brands are the best. This…

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