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Why running outfit should be specific?


Most people have the perception that a good pair of running shoes are enough for running. To make your running more comfortable and safe, the running outfits matter a lot too! It is highly recommended to wear apparel…

Hydration: Why is it Important for Runners?


Staying hydrated while running is the most important thing to be kept in mind for runners. The human body consists of 60 – 70% of water and every 2% loss of water in the body can decrease the…

Essential Tips for Running in Hot Weather


Running in the hot summer days is challenging for runners, especially those who wish to start running or wish to keep themselves in good shape. To keep your fitness levels at peak, here are some essential tips for…

Running to Lose Weight


Runners have their own goals. Some run for fitness, some run for pleasure but most of them start running to lose weight. Here are some tips for the runners who run with the intention of losing weight. We…

The myth of Running on an empty stomach


It is often said that empty stomach running is a good way to loose fat, but at the same time beginners should be extremely careful about it. The main reason to train on an empty stomach is the…

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