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Finishing the Ultra Marathon 100k Run


Ultra marathon run is not merely a race but also has individual challenges. The only thing I told myself before starting was, “be positive!” While I was registering myself and collecting my Bib No. I kept telling myself that…

How to Choose Running Socks


A right pair of running shoes improve the performance of a runner but choosing the wrong pair of running socks can lower the overall performance and running experience. Running with a wrong pair of socks can lead to…

Hydration: Why is it Important for Runners?


Staying hydrated while running is the most important thing to be kept in mind for runners. The human body consists of 60 – 70% of water and every 2% loss of water in the body can decrease the…

A Must Wear – Sports Bra


Did you know 72% of the women who run have reported breast pain while running due to inadequate support? Most of the runners have a misconception that the breasts contain muscles but the fact is that breasts are…

Essential Tips for Running in Hot Weather


Running in the hot summer days is challenging for runners, especially those who wish to start running or wish to keep themselves in good shape. To keep your fitness levels at peak, here are some essential tips for…

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