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Spending a Night under the Stars

Mountain Sports

Have you ever dreamt of spending a night under the stars in the mountains? It’s a magical experience, the entire period you see the stars is perfect for experiencing something new! Check out our tips for spending a…

Mountain Photography 101

Mountain Sports

With exotic landscapes, animals, hikers in action, there is literally no lack of photo opportunities in the mountains. In order to ensure that your snaps are as beautiful as possible, François, who is responsible for images at Quechua,…

10 Hiking Essentials you need right now

Mountain Sports

Within this guide, Decathlon provides you with a list of essential items for your hiking trip. In order to enjoy your hike, you have to bring essentials to ensure you enjoy your day to the fullest and stay…

Blog Contest Winner: Trek to Triund (Adventurous Christmas)

Mountain Sports

The semester had ended, the weather was convivial, Christmas was near and the spirits were high. It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions for New Year. Some people do it via status updates while some…

Hiking Footwear: How to Choose?

Mountain Sports

Choosing the right pair of Hiking Boots is an important task. The shoes you choose need to be in sync with how and where you hike. There are several factors that can be taken into consideration before finalising…

It’s the Perfect Time to go Backpacking

Mountain Sports

The other day I was watching “Into the Wild” for the fifth time and thought to myself what a frugal thing happiness can be. We’re so caught up in the clutter of our day-to-day existence, the unpaid bills,…

A Hiking guide for Raipurians

Mountain Sports

In its most basic definition, Hiking is simply Walking for recreational purposes. A good summary is, “In Hiking, the Journey is more important than the Destination”. Hiking could be your average Sunday walk through the park or it…

Camping Tents used on a Western Ghat Trek in India

Mountain Sports, Product review

Note: Quechua T3 Plus is no more in production and it has been replaced by Arpenaz XL 3.   Amar Shekhar, a trekking enthusiast shares his experiences on the camping tents he used on his trek on the western ghats…

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