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Proper Camp Cooking

Mountain Sports

The holidays are just around the corner and camping may be big on your list. To ensure your comfort and safety, we’re going to reveal our tips and tricks for hassle-free camping and answer your main questions; –…

Spending a Night under the Stars

Mountain Sports

Have you ever dreamt of spending a night under the stars in the mountains? It’s a magical experience, the entire period you see the stars is perfect for experiencing something new! Check out our tips for spending a…

#RainCantStopPlay – Sportiest Weekend of the Season


You want to go out but it’s raining? While you stand by the door hesitating, images from possible futures flicker past. Images of yourself hiking through the forest, wading into the ocean, hitchhiking, riding a bike, exploring, laughing,…

Blog Contest Winner: Trek to Triund (Adventurous Christmas)

Mountain Sports

The semester had ended, the weather was convivial, Christmas was near and the spirits were high. It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions for New Year. Some people do it via status updates while some…

How to Travel Low Cost

Mountain Sports

We love to quote Beatles when we say that we don’t care too much for money ’cause money can’t buy us love. But it can buy us tickets to different places and that’s not too bad. However, good…

It’s the Perfect Time to go Backpacking

Mountain Sports

The other day I was watching “Into the Wild” for the fifth time and thought to myself what a frugal thing happiness can be. We’re so caught up in the clutter of our day-to-day existence, the unpaid bills,…

How to choose your next Decathlon Tent?

Mountain Sports

Choosing a tent largely depends on what activity you’re about to undertake. Camping, hiking or mountaineering. Your needs and expectations for each activity are different. For a camping tent, you would probably look for something more spacious for…

Camping Tents: 10 things to check before your trip

Mountain Sports

If you’re planning a camping trip anytime soon, this article will serve as a useful guide to help you get ready by making sure that you check every aspect of your tent properly before leaving. This is necessary…

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