The name “Squash” is derived from the squashable balls with which the sport is played. Modern squash balls are made from rubber, measure around 40mm in terms of diameter and weigh in at 23-25g.
However, squash balls vary considerable in terms of performance, catering for differing playing abilities to ensure a good balance between skill and fun whatever the standards of the players involved.

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The bounce height of the ball is the key difference between the balls. Beginners will find it easier to play with a ball with a higher bounce height, allowing more time to chase down the ball and return it, enabling them to enjoy longer rallies. More experienced players by contrast will prefer a lower bouncing ball as it requires a higher level of skill. The bounce height is indicated by an industry standard denoted by the colour of the dots on the ball.


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ColourBounce heightPlayer level
Double Yellow DotVery LowExpert
Yellow DotLowAdvanced
White DotMediumIntermediate
Red DotHighDeveloping
Blue DotVery HighBeginner


The other main performance difference between the various squash balls on the market is in terms of the temperatures that the balls are designed to be able to withstand. Balls at the beginner end of the range will be easy to play with straight away without any drop in performance. However, a double yellow dot ball will have to be warm in order to prevent its bounce from fading. This can be achieved in a number of ways, and in play it is maintained by repeatedly striking the ball at a high intensity.

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