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How to get your Child to Walk with you


If you’re already a fan of active walking, then you know what this activity can offer in terms of health and well-being. The benefits of walking can be felt at any age and especially by children, who are…

How Walking Prevents Illness


Whenever there is a change in season, your body gets affected. Has it ever occurred to you that fast walking or Nordic walking can boost your immune system and protect you from illnesses that can be a hindrance…

Decathlon Coach App – Try our Walking Challenge

General, Walking

Decathlon Coach is a set of services designed to help you progress in your sport. How? By allowing you to keep a history of all your sports sessions so that you’re able to analyse. Also, offers you free…

Are you taking enough Pedometer Steps?


Whether it’s fitness walking or fast walking, staying motivated is the key to success. You will attain your objective if you manage to walk regularly. In order to stay motivated, many walkers measure their performance using a pedometer.…

The Dangers of Sitting too much


The more time we spend sitting, the less good we do to our heart. Given the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, walking is an easy and effective solution for taking care of your health. Unconsciously you take risks…

Here’s why Everybody should Try Active Walking


Walking is the easiest and the most natural movement that exists. If you’ve decided to pep up your walk and at the same time improve your fitness level, this article will show you how to do it. The…

How to Choose your Fitness Walking Shoes


Sports specialists define walking as “the nearest thing you can get to an ideal physical exercise”. Fitness walking is an accessible sport that can be practiced at different rhythms for different reasons in different seasons. Follow our guide…

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