Category - Roller Sports

An Introduction to Inline Skating

Roller Sports

Have you introduced your child to the fantastic world of Roller Skating yet? If your answer is NO, your child is missing out on one of the most interesting activities in which they can indulge for hours. Roller…

How to Choose your Skateboard?

Roller Sports

Skateboarding requires mastery of body, balance and perseverance. To skateboard safely, it is fundamental to evolve at your own pace without skipping certain stages of the learning process. In this advice guide, you’ll find all the information you…

Freestyle Scooters: All you need to know

Roller Sports

If you are new to freestyle scootering, you may have trouble understanding certain technical terms. Scooters have their own precise vocabulary which can be hard to master for the uninitiated. Never fear: we’re here to help. Get to…

How to choose your new Slide Scooter

Roller Sports

In this section, you will find the solution for choosing a scooter suited to the new techniques you want to explore. This choice depends on which of the following you want to learn: carving, drift, twisting or the…

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