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Sauntering along the great lakes of Kashmir

Mountain Sports

The summer no sweeter than ever, The sunshiny woods all a thrill; The grayling asleep in the river, The big horn sheep on the hill. The strong life that never knows harness, The wilds where the caribou call;…

Why every trekker has that unconquerable peak!

Mountain Sports

It’s almost 2am. My throat is parched and dry and I’m hungry as hell. The constant pounding and wind on the tent makes conversation an arduous task, yet we continue with our quiz: How many Gods and Goddesses…

My solo journey to high Himalayas- Part 2

Mountain Sports

Around 4 PM, I was at the advanced base camp with some Israeli guys and was preparing myself for the gruelling ascent to the summit. We were all contemplating on the best time to start again and a…

My solo journey to the high Himalayas – Part 1

Mountain Sports

  Stok Kangri is arguably one of the very few peaks in the world which can be climbed without much money, time and efforts. Well, when I say without much efforts I really mean less when compared to…

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