Category - Horse Riding

Riding and Managing a Nervous Horse

Horse Riding

Is your horse a bit of a live wire? Are you at your wits end wondering how they are so full of energy? Before using a harsher bit or abandoning all attempts to tame your spirited mount, here…

Health Benefits of Horse Riding

Horse Riding

It probably comes as no surprise that horse riding is good for your health! Besides getting you outside, it has some very real benefits for your body. Learn why this sport is so good for you. Balancing Act…

How to Choose a Horse-Riding Helmet

Horse Riding

Whether you’re a child or an adult, safety is a very important part of horse riding. In the event of a fall, injuries are most likely to occur to the upper body and head. Wearing a riding hat or helmet is…

How to Choose your Horse Riding Safety Vest?

Horse Riding

If you’re planning to take up horse riding as a sport, a body protector is essential as it will secure your upper body (back and torso) while you’re riding on a horse and in case of an unfortunate…

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