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Make Golf More Fun


All good players will tell you that golf is firstly a sport about feel and repeated practice. On the one hand, the feel of a natural swing and on the other, millimetre accuracy that comes from relentless practice.…

What type of Golf Ball should you Choose?


It is important to remember that the various types of golf balls are not all the same. They each have their own characteristics that will affect your game. To be homologated, the ball must not weigh more than…

10 Basic Rules of Golf


Have you ever tried to explain the rules of golf to a bemused friend nodding their head without really understanding the meaning behind the bird names you are using? We are going to introduce you to golf course…

Choose the Right Golf Gear


For competitive golfing, choosing the right golf gear is the most important decision a golfer makes. We hope to help you learn how to choose the right gear to improve your game. In competitive golf, the regulations allow for…

Colour Trends for Golf Polos


Wearing bright or deep colours when you swear by black and grey is no mean feat! We admit that each of us perceive colour differently according to our genes, our culture and the place where we’ve grown up.…

What is a Golf Club?


A golf club is a club used to hit a golf ball in the game of golf. This article will give you a vivid idea of its composition. A golf club is made up of a grip, a…

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