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#RainCantStopPlay – Sportiest Weekend of the Season


You want to go out but it’s raining? While you stand by the door hesitating, images from possible futures flicker past. Images of yourself hiking through the forest, wading into the ocean, hitchhiking, riding a bike, exploring, laughing,…

Recovery through Massage


Click here to view our Range of Massagers While you’re practicing sport to stay fit and healthy, the objective is to avoid injuries and micro-traumas and to recover as quickly as possible to enjoy the benefits of sport…

Boomerang Instagram Contest – Rain Can’t Stop Play


If a wet spell is keeping you off the fields and the trails, you need to outplay the weather right now! Come shine, come rain, don’t let a thing stop your games. Participate in our Boomerang Instagram Contest…

How to Choose a GPS Watch and Optical HRMs


Originally designed for runners, GPS watches made a breakthrough in other sports also such as cycling or hiking. They are designed for those who are willing to push their limits with accurate and detailed performance data. The choice…

What goes behind Decathlon’s Low Prices?


High Quality doesn’t always mean High Price! At Decathlon, we continuously try to lower our permanent prices. We almost obsess every day to optimise our costs in order to offer you quality products at the lowest price to…

How to have a Perfect Monsoon Day


The trouble of a rainy day goes very back in time. The time when we weren’t really allowed to go out and play and would have to be stuck indoors forced to read a book maybe (although, the…

Warm Up to stay Injury Free


You are pumped, energetic and ready to try out your new workout routine. You grab the weight and lift it confidently and ouch hh hh!!! You just pulled your muscle and injured yourself. Forget to hit the gym…

Decathlon Coach App – Try our Walking Challenge

General, Walking

Decathlon Coach is a set of services designed to help you progress in your sport. How? By allowing you to keep a history of all your sports sessions so that you’re able to analyse. Also, offers you free…

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