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On running, fitness and life

Fitness, Running

It is amazing how much an active lifestyle can give us. After a good workout, I definitely feel charged up and I can focus better. It gives me so much energy that I even have enough juice left…

6 ways to carpe diem and get fit!


There are many ways to keep fit these days- yoga, pilates, weights, dance, aerobics, swimming etc. Each activity has enough advantages to prove its worth; there are an equal number of reasons why the next one, however, is…

Domyos presents ‘kickass’ mixed martial arts workshop by Sifu Harinder Singh


Decathlon Noida conducted a Mixed Martial Arts workshop together with Jeet Kune Do athletic association in which Sifu Harinder Singh taught a lot of self defence and fitness tactics to the participants. Participants got to learn a lot…

Five Best Android Apps To Get You Fit

Fitness, General

You don’t need an expensive gym membership and a personal trainer to help you get flat abs and those muscles. The world is literally in your hands when you have a smartphone. These free and happening mobile apps…

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