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Have you perhaps recently allowed yourself a few dietary indulgences, the effects of which you’re now hoping to shed? In order to reach your goal, there are 4 routine exercises which will help you lose body fat and…

Stressed out? 4 simple steps for a better life!


Going to work and the daily travel takes its toll and at the end of it, you feel exhausted and devoid of energy. Busy agenda, meetings galore, thousands of reports and what not! Tension builds up and you feel…

How to fight fatigue


In autumn, with winter approaching and less sunlight, our bodies have to fight with the cold which can sometimes lead to fatigue! Here are some handy tips that may help you stay in good health all season long.…

Why Stretch when you first tumble out of bed?


Do you remember to stretch as soon as you tumble out of bed? It’s an essential routine for rousing your body and mind. Follow these tips from Domyos and start your day off right!   Stretching when you…

How to learn to run on a Treadmill for 45 minutes!


Do you want to galvanize your cardio training? No problem! We will help you to achieve a really rewarding goal: running for 45 minutes without stopping. In this article we will introduce you to a 2-month programme that…

My Heart at the Everest!

Fitness, Mountain Sports, Product review

Navesh Dakdar, a trekking and camping enthusiast shares his experiences on the 410 Geonaute Heart Rate Monitor that he used on his trek to the Everest Base Camp! Heart Rate Monitors are really a fun way to measure…

On running, fitness and life

Fitness, Running

It is amazing how much an active lifestyle can give us. After a good workout, I definitely feel charged up and I can focus better. It gives me so much energy that I even have enough juice left…

6 ways to carpe diem and get fit!


There are many ways to keep fit these days- yoga, pilates, weights, dance, aerobics, swimming etc. Each activity has enough advantages to prove its worth; there are an equal number of reasons why the next one, however, is…

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