Category - Cycling

How to choose the right light for your bike?


Lights on a cycle, especially in Indian roads are most important for two reasons- to see and to be seen. Cycling in the dark can be a real hazard on Indian roads because potholes and speed breakers will…

Ride it like you stole it!


Pushing the cycle’s pedal has given me boundless joy ever since I was a kid. My first cycle was the BSA MANGOOSE and I liked that devil of a machine because it never gave up, just like me.…

Interview With Abhishek Tarfe From Velocrush India


Abhishek Tarfe, founded VeloCrushIndia in 2012 with the sole intention of promoting the bicycle. VeloCrush aspires to promote cycling not only as a mode of friendly transport but also as sport. Abhishek is a self confessed cycle addict…

Strong, Fit And Fast


Strength, endurance and speed are very important when it comes to cycling. But sadly, when training, many people do not realize that these are different elements and needs to be developed and trained for separately. Endurance is the…

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