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7 Reasons why you should Cycle to Work!


Fed up with traffic? No time to work out? Our solution: Cycle to work! Here’s a list of 7 Reasons why you should seriously consider the option of cycling to work!   1) Say Goodbye to Fuel Bills…

4 Ways to Enjoy Riding in the Rain


We usually ride early in the mornings. Sometimes ride all noon and night. But have you ever ridden in the rain? Some of us who have been on brevets or long cycling expeditions would agree that riding in…

Why cycling shorts are a necessity?


A good pair of cycling shorts is one of the most important investments a cyclist can make. In fact, for serious riding, cycling shorts are essential. Here’s why. What’s the point of cycling shorts? When you ride a…

6 Health benefits of cycling


Whether it’s competitively or just for getting to work, cycling offers numerous health benefits. And there’s no need to do 5000 miles a year at high intensity to enjoy these advantages. It’s a simple and effective way of…

Choosing your Mountain Bike


More than half of the Indian population occasionally or regularly ride cycles. If you too are a cycling fanatic, then take a look at these criteria to think about when buying one of your first mountain bikes. Type…

5 Tips to make your bike lighter


Weight can be a real handicap, especially when riding through valleys, up mountains and over rough terrain. What can you do to shed excess weight on your ride? Here are five tips to make your bike lighter without…

Riding Tips: How to React to Aggressive Drivers


Cyclists and drivers aren’t really so different. Most of us are just trying to get from A to B safely and without endangering others, whether on two wheels or four. However, conflicts do occur, especially on busy commutes.…

The Decathlon Culture – Where Passion meets Profession

Cycling, General

Working for Decathlon not only means catering to the needs and requirements of sports enthusiasts, it also means working in an environment with like-minded people.  Here is what Sandeep Madaan, the cycling workshop manager for the Decathlon Mohali…

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